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We’ve Moved

Early in March, we decided we would move Villa, our thirteen year old company, back to a home based business office. The surroundings are familiar, welcoming and warm. Obviously, my commute is terrific.

So, two weeks ago, I began the task of spring cleaning our office, tossing outdated materials, reorganizing, and planning for the relocation. Just before Easter, we began moving carefully packed boxes and furniture to our new home-based office.

By the way, in addition to maintaining our previous phone number, we have a new local line for Kent Island and Eastern Shore residents. As soon as I have confirmation for the new added phone line, I will post it on our site.

Many have responded with a “Home office, that’s awesome!” It was not a decision made lightly. We were based in Arnold for three years. Our current frame of mind is this may be a temporary relocation for 3-6 months. We are and have been for the last year, tossing around the idea of a more visible office space, one that would allow us to better connect and engage with the public, and give us some room for growth. Our Arnold office was secluded on the lower level of an office building, no windows and about 400 square feet. Not enough space or pizzazz to accommodate our bigger aspirations. So, this coupled with the reality of the down turn in our industry, it just didn’t make sense to continue to maintain the luxury of an office space, just so we had a place to GO to work.

Now, as of yesterday, I have a lovely corner office with three windows and a great view of nature.

You can expect everything else to remain the same-great remodeling experience, quality work, and expertise from ‘some of the nicest people’ (I’ve been told).

If you’d like to drop by, visit, talk about a remodeling project, feel free to give us a call and we will happily make ourselves available for you.

Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for reading,