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Building the Dream Engine

Villa Builders was built on the passion of founder/owner Jeff Hall. After years of working as a builder-developer project manager, Jeff learned a few things. First, the design-build process was a powerful tool process, giving homeowners a single point of contact, collaboration, and responsibility for small and large-scale redesign projects. Second, people’s homes are their life. It’s where people raise families, gather with friends, relax after work, and spend their precious time on this earth.

Villa Builders was built as a dream engine. We take all of those thoughts, ideas, and wonderful picturesque images trapped inside of people’s heads and turn them into realities. Every design is different, and every person is different. We want to help create unique solutions using tried-and-true processes that help homeowners create beautiful spaces.

About Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall is the Owner and President of Villa Builders, and he carries his passion for design-build into every project. Jeff has been in the building business since he put on his first pair of work boots. Starting as a carpenter in Texas, Jeff spent long hours tackling carpentry projects for clients across the state.

The satisfaction of helping someone reimagine their living space drove Jeff out to Annapolis, Maryland to direct the project management for a builder-developer. After years of helping clients create beautiful homes, Jeff decided it was time to take all of his build and design skills and help homeowners find meaningful design solutions that didn’t produce budget drains and unnecessary cost buildup. Villa Builders was founded and established in 1997 in Annapolis, Maryland, as a novel solution to a widespread problem — making the home design/redesign process easier, faster, and more owner-aligned.

Do You Want to Help Pilot the Dream Engine?

At Villa Builders, our reputation is closely tied to our conscientious, highly talented group of employees. We know that we can’t do it alone. And we take great care to find the right people for each project, and we focus on building long-term relationships with quality craftsmen to serve both our needs and our clients’ needs. Each of our team members thrives on creativity and self-reliance, and we look for people who can solve challenges, take charge, and work independently as well as in team settings. We’re a safety-first business that is hinged to respect, integrity, and honesty — and we believe in providing a service for our clients while helping them build their dreams.

Currently, Villa Builders operates a remodeling service in Prince George’s County, Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Southern Anne Arundel County, and Calvert County in Maryland.

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