Frequently Asked Questions

What is this going to cost?

During our first phone call, we will ask you a lot of questions about the work you’re hoping to do and some of the finishes you’d like to include. Should you invite us out to meet you, we will review the work with you. Sometimes we can bracket budget numbers during this meeting, We may need to collect some information on larger or more complicated projects and return to review with you. Sometimes on larger or more complicated projects, basic design is needed to help us formulate and initial budget. This helps every one involved to visualize the concepts and allow us to create an initial budget for your decision process. 

How many people are in the crew? Who makes up the crew?

Our employees manage the projects and assist with finish items (punch-out) and with keeping jobs clean. We use subcontractors for the bulk of the work.

How long have you been in business?

Villa Builders has been in business for over 23 years. Prior to that, Jeff built semi-custom homes in subdivisions.

What type of projects do you like most?

We do all types of projects. We feel that the type of job is less important to us than finding a good fit for our customers.

How will you take care of the house while you are working?

We set up dust and floor protection and ask that you move your important items out of the work areas.

Are you good with animals?

Most of our customers have animals. Depending on the animal’s temperament, the owners may crate or remove them during construction. We are used to making sure that animals don’t get out, but prefer not to be fully in charge of them.

Tell us about your communication and scheduling processes.

We formulate your schedule as we head toward the end of our design & planning process and we have a firm understanding of your project. Once we start construction communication tends to be constant, with email and scheduled site meetings.

Do you use subcontractors?

We prefer subcontractors since it allows us the flexibility to put the right crews on your job. Our subcontractors have been with us for a long time and understand how we work. They thoroughly inspect the scope of work during our planning process, which helps us estimate the correct amount of time and cost up front, reducing the need for change orders mid-project.

How do we handle customer change orders during the process?

Our planning & design process tends to mitigate most change orders. However, if a customer asks us to do more work, we are happy to oblige. Items like additional painting can be priced and provided right away. Larger items may need to be rescheduled.

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