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Embrace Your Style

There are quite a few decisions to be made when you decide to remodel a space in your home. The possibilities seem endless, and opinions from our family and friends are usually not in scarce supply. All of the choices, opinions and our own thoughts on what we like and don’t, can sometimes paralyze our decision making process.

My advice is to start with your vision, and outline what your biggest priorities are.

For instance, I remember the exercise of selecting paint colors when we were remodeling our home. It was important to me that the individual room colors coordinated well with other colors visible in a single line of sight. I found this intensified the pressure I felt of selecting just the right color. I was also persnickety about the exterior color feeling ‘right’ with my interior color choices. These parameters were simply my own style preference. Once I outlined in my mind what the boundaries were–I could then pick ‘A Color’ and work from there.

Get help if you need it. Take the time to share what your vision is overall for the space–what must be changed, how will you use it, who else might sharing or using the space with you, color preferences (are you warm, neutral, vibrant, cool?), what is your ‘maintenance’ tolerance, and budget considerations; just to name a few. And, if for someone reason you are having trouble articulating your vision (maybe you just haven’t gotten that far)–welcome ideas.

Discover your style and let your home be a beautiful reflection of it.

Thanks for reading,