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Secret to Service

Last July I wrote a post about a book I was reading titled Service Included, by Phoebe Damrosch. It was completely unrelated to the remodeling industry. The author was once a dedicated Captain at Per Se in NY. Her subject, ‘service’ is very near and dear to me.

Personally, I like great service. I am quick to recognize an over the top effort to deliver remarkable service. I go out of my way to tell stories about any remarkable service I have enjoyed. Given my admission, it would be understandable that I spend a great deal of my time focused on the WOW for our homeowner clients. There are a minimum of expectations which come along with every remodeling project. These minimum expectations are a given and one would expect a professional company to build plumb walls and to code, and complete a remodeling project in the time promised.

As I read Damrosch’s book, I remembering thinking “I know we get it and we are on the right path.” As happy as I am to receive great service, I am even happier to be a part of Villa Builders and making these personally shared stories possible.