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Remodeling Basics

As we await the big storm headed this way, remodeling might not be at the top of your mind. Understandably, you are probably thinking about shoveling mountains of snow and the transportation obstacles to deal with over the next couple of days.

If on the other hand, while you are enjoying mugs of hot chocolate, your favorite movie and time with your family, you begin to consider the ‘remodeling’ possibilities–please consider this:

Remodeling your home will bring decisions you’ll need to make. One will be deciding if you want to hire a professional to help you. If your project is more DIY than you are up for, and you plan to hire someone, you should only consider a company that possesses a license to do home improvement work in the State of Maryland. Even persons selling home improvements are required to be licensed. Homeowners hiring unlicensed contractors have no protection with the Guaranty Fund.

Doing improvements without a license is also a criminal offense. So, keep this in mind–individuals not complying with this basic necessity, probably aren’t carrying liability insurance. Of course, you should ask to see liability and workers compensation insurance certificates from even licensed companies. If the company you hire has employees, you’ll want to be sure they are covered by workers compensation in case of injury. Otherwise, you may risk paying for someone’s medical care if they are injured at your home.

This is basic, yet still good stuff to be aware of.

Enjoy the snow,