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Guest Bath, Clean – Transformed

After receiving a call from a prospective client last week, I was reminded of an article which appeared in the publication Capital Style (2010). She kept the article because she liked the photo of this bathroom, one of two of Villa’s projects featured.

The article, written by Donna L. Cole and titled “The Wow Factor”, quoted Jeff commenting about Villa’s mission going beyond monetary gain: “Helping people have a home they love to come home to is most rewarding for us. It is what we spend our time focused on every day. This is the mission; our tag line was born from this—helping people love their homes again.”

One of the many things I love about our projects is their timeless essence. The owner, Brenda Schoener said in the article, “’Ordinary’ and ‘blah’, are a distant memory. It’s now a fresh and serene retreat.” And, the article’s subtitle, “Makeover turns plain bath into a spa retreat,” describes succinctly what is special about this project.

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