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Wing or Plan

The Owner was remodeling her master bath, it was almost finished. The electrician hung her lights and they were quite clearly too big and bumping into her medicine cabinet. She bought the lights 90 days ago.

“She was literally in tears” as Dave tells his story. Dave works differently than we do but a lot like many remodeling contractors. “Look, I’m just the installer” is what he said to her. Dave tells his customers where to shop for products. “You go and get what you want and I’ll put it in for you.”

She was very, very frustrated.

Now her project is not done still.

Now she has to spend more money and more time for lights and labor to change them. What if the new lights need the electrical wiring relocated?

Hopefully, this was the only issue.

Planning the work up-front and understanding the interaction of all the parts and pieces is not how Dave works. Sure, he might have some ideas but it is not how he wants to spend his time during the day. He’s a good installer, but he only wants to put things together. He doesn’t want to design.

Think about how you want your project to come together and what kind of help you might need. What kind of experience do you want to have during construction? There are some who are OK winging it, and have the money and time to back it up.

We help you understand what you’re getting and how much time it will take before construction starts.

Thanks for reading, Jeff