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Troubleshooting Tips to Uncover the Cause of the Leak

Leaks that only occur under very specific rain conditions can be frustrating for homeowners and difficult to troubleshoot. Heavy and wind blown rains can often exploit very small openings or ‘holidays’ in materials, joints, or aged areas. Water can blow in and up until it finally makes it way inside.

skylight surrounded by debris, and with tree growth

“The only happens when” leak usually require some investigating to find the culprit.

Following recent and violent storms, we helped several homeowners with unwelcome leaks from skylights to basements. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you.

  1. Look at how old and degraded components of a system are.
  2. Are things installed properly?
  3. Caulk is a necessary item. If you see old and/or multiple layers of caulk, it should be suspect immediately. Old caulk needs to be cut and scraped away. Applying new caulk over old and existing caulk never seals properly. Water can get forced, blown and pushed into cracked areas.
  4. Have you missed regular maintenance? Is debris clogging the pathway for proper drainage?
  5. Make sure window wells and gutters are clean and clear.
  6. Maintain proper fall grades around foundation. Are low areas hidden by mulch?
  7. Check your sump pump. Is it working properly? Is the float stuck against the side of the sump pit?