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Propelling Forward

Happy New Year! Okay, I’m not the most adept at blogging. Sometimes as I sit, to begin hammering out my thoughts, I remember the stress and tension of writing book reports in middle school and essays in college. Admittedly, writing is not an activity I am typically eager to do. Why have I pursued this, this my 3rd attempt? It’s about growth for me. Yes, it is another level to connect. But, I’m looking to conquer. As the years pass and I get older, I find I dislike the word can’t more and more.

Early last week, I spoke with a past client, someone I hold in very high regard and think of as a friend. She told me it takes guts and risk in finding new ways to reach out and tell people what we do and how we help them. She commented about how she admired this about me and about Jeff. I made a commitment this year to contribute one piece each week. This week, I didn’t want to chicken out and disappoint her. This one is for you Jan. I’m thinking of you.

Thank you for your encouragement and support! Best wishes, Joanne