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Energy Audits

I spoke with a few past clients a couple of weeks ago. One of the things I wanted to learn was what topic(s) are they interested in knowing more about. Energy efficiency, new·trends, and return on investment for remodeling projects were among the topics they·expressed·interested in.

This week I’m·spending some time focusing on energy efficiency. I’ve talked with a local homeowner and past client·who had an energy audit done in·November.·I was curious about·what motivated her to do the audit and·what her concerns were specifically about having an audit·for her home. We also talked about surprises she encountered and would she recommend the company·she hired. She shared the biggest deficiencies found, and what she wish she had asked.·I will shine a spotlight on some of the Q&A here on our website. A more detailed look will be·featured in our next·Villa Voice enews. If you are interested in this topic too and would like to be added to our community receiving the Villa Voice, drop me an email and include the address you’d like it sent to.