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Bill and Mary Lou Bleakley, Arnold, Maryland

First project: Addition of 400 + addition, sunroom, sitting room, and full bathroom to a ramble style home.

Second project: Update kitchen.

Third project: Rework roof system

Fourth project: Bathroom update

My wife and I first engaged Villa Builders in 1999 and have used them ever since for any and all remodeling projects since then.

In 1999/2000 we put on a 400+ square foot addition to our home which included a sun room, a sitting room, and a full bath. Since then we have modernized two bathrooms and did a major rework of  poorly designed mid 1960’s roof system.

When we did the first project we hired an architect, who recommended Villa Builders.  The best advice we got from the architect was, “The success of any project depends on a three party cooperative, the architect, the builder, and the home owner, who all work as a team to see the successful completion of the project.”

Villa Builders understands the meaning of teamwork.

We have been completely satisfied and we highly recommend them and the subcontractors that they employ.