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6 Tips to Help Keep a Composite Deck Looking Great!

Composite Deck

1. LOW maintenance does not mean NO maintenance. Plastic Composite and PVC decks need cleaning at least twice a year. There are a number of cleaners on the mark et that do not require scrubbing or power washing. Try Cabot’s Composite Deck Cleaner or Jomax.

2. Be careful when power washing. You can easily tear up the surface with the wrong nozzle or technique.

3. The trees around you will contribute to the maintenance needed. Leaves left too long can stain the material. Acorns, seeds, and pods can gum up the surface with residue. Regular sweeping will help avoid extreme cleaning.

4. In the winter use a plastic snow shovel when clearing snow. A metal one can gouge and scratch the boards. Push the snow in the direction of the wood grain to avoid chipping and gouging. Most materials can tolerate rock salt and calcium chloride.

5. Mold can occur. There is wood product mixed in with the plastic materials and this is food for mold. Depending on sun, shade and ventilation you may see some. Check the deck cleaning instructions to remove but be prepared to see it return, at least seasonally.

6. We always recommend reading the Owner’s manual of the decking material used so you will fully understand the maintenance that come with the decking product, before construction begins. If the deck builder didn’t provide you with one, we recommend going to the manufacturer’s website to collect one. This will help you understand the nuances of the decking product.